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Courses are addressed both to beginners and to experienced people willing to increase their knowledge about varnishes, background preparation techniques (with traditional methods based on use of pigments), composition and finishing touches (as craquelè).

The courses are held in Italian … I' m sorry but I'm not able to assist English speaking people!

Visit "Group photo" and "Pupil Work" to get an idea of the Courses atmosphere and of the produced outputs.

Dettaglio dei contenuti dei Corsi
Dianella Cappi and her story
Satisfaction and high spirits
Pictorial decoupage technique
Consulta date e sedi dei prossimi Corsi
Furniture and furnishings complements gallery
Photo gallery of pupil jobs
Articles and reviews that spoke about me
Under construction La dispensa "I segreti del decoupage", per saperne di più.
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Lecture notes are available (in italian "Dispensa"), describing the real découpage technique in detail, tracing step by step each phase: from the bottom preparation to the craquelè finishing touch.

Presently in Italian, they are likely to be translated in English in future.

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